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Western Reserve Chorale is grateful for partial funding of our March 2024 concerts by:

Would you like to become a corporate sponsor?
Please contact Stacy Newman by email or call 216-282-4022.
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Dear Friends of WRC,

At Western Reserve Chorale (WRC) we know the transcendent power of music. Music has the power to take one back to a singular moment, comfort in times of strife, and inspire in moments of joy. This universal language of healing can create powerful connections between people. As our devoted patrons we consider you among our dearest friends, a part of our powerful connection, and a key component of our 32 years of success.

Our success story is not only about building a connected community of singers, but also about musical excellence, strong community advocates, long-lasting relationships, and our passion for music. Our success would not have been possible without your generosity over the previous years. Indeed, your financial support is the foundation of our 32 years of community choral singing.

The Annual Fund is the largest source of funding for WRC and the backbone of the chorus. We are writing to request your donation to the 2024 Annual Fund.

Here are some examples of what your gift can accomplish:

  • $500 will cover a portion of the cost of our performance space.

  • $350 will sponsor a local musician to accompany a performance.

  • $200 helps provide rehearsal space for the chorale.

  • $100 helps fund the accompanist who assists in rehearsals and performances.

  • $50 provides sheet music for 5 of our members.

With support from donors like you we continue to fulfill our mission to provide free, high-quality performances of choral music for the enjoyment of our community. The arts, and choral music in particular, depend on people like you - those who recognize the importance of investing in the continual development of the arts for the benefit of society. This investment compounds year after year, as we support each other through the difficulties of the world with the power of music. 

Our upcoming concert, featuring Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem, exemplifies the transcendent power of music. Melodies and rhythms are set to the words “Freude und Wonne werden Sie ergreifen, und Schmerz und Seufzen wird weg müssen,” roughly translated as “allow your worries to melt away and joy to enter you through the power of music.”

Our 32nd Season marks a transition as we settle into our new rehearsal space and performance locations, which have come with added costs. We seek your help to both sustain our current programming and prepare for the future. Whether it is your first, second or third gift this season, your Annual Fund contribution will undoubtedly make a significant impact to help us meet our goal and ensure WRC’s music endures for future generations.


Please join us with a gift of $50 or whatever is comfortable for you and your family. You may send your donation of any amount payable to “Western Reserve Chorale” or make your donation safely and securely online, through PayPal using the button below.

Donations may be made securely online through PayPal

(PayPal account is not required)

Western Reserve Chorale is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

​​Your check may be mailed to:
Western Reserve Chorale
3014 Corydon Road

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

A Chorus of Thanks
From the Members of Western Reserve Chorale

Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 13-20-31 Wester

Western Reserve Chorale is a registered
nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Remembrance and Hope
March 2023

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 13-47-54 Rememb
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