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WRC Members
2023-24 Season


Nell Davidson

Julie Denker

Kim Freborg

​Rosalyn Gaier

Veronica Gallo

Rosemary Gornik

Alison Gross

Katie Harbage

Suzanne Harrington

Beth Herchek

Mary Holmes

Leona Jackson

Nancy Jamieson

Mary Kolar-DeNunzio#

Karen Ling

Katharine Lobas#

Ginie Mast

Katherine McCarty

Samantha Miller#

Lydia Oppmann

Laura Otis*

Carol Porter

Paula Pronio

Linda Rahal

Jane Richmond

Sayli Sant

Linda Sempliner

Andrea Smith

Elizabeth Spencer

Ginna Taft

Margo Vinney

Sally Wilson#

Melodie Yates

Pamela Young


Cynthia Ahern

Deena Barrett

Jo Bennett

Andrea Ber#

Brenda Bey

Kim Bihler#

Karen Bower

Melinda Burt

Marilyn Christian

Sharon Core#

Jessica Crist

Joan Delahay*

Linda Frank

Elizabeth Gockel

Debby Goldenberg

Fern Grunberger

Linda Haligowski

Erica Hennigs

Kristin Hildebrandt

Rhona Jacobson*

Janice Katz

Judi Koffman

Carole Moran Krus

Christie Leece

Lynda Mayer

Rebecca Moseley

​Maxine Myers

Stacy Newman#

Barbara Opie

Patti Pinkerton

Marianne Prebet

Anjali Rao

Margaret Robinson

Ruth Shoskes

Julie Siegel

Kara Singleton

Carol Steiner

Kelsey Tarase#

Diana Vargo

Wendy Wagner

Summer Watterson

Julia Weiss

Blossom Williams

Gayle Woodrow

Rosemary Woodruff


Eric Bower

Debbie Boyd-Tressler

Eric Brandt

Bill Davis

Rick Drake#

Alex Jamieson

Karl Kaups

Bryan McGucken#

James Pintner

Bob Rittenhouse

John Sherck

Ban Twaddell*

Mark Wakefield#

Mark Wallach

Greg Yurick


Aaron Ballonoff

David Bell#

Bill Benish

John Blackwell

Chris Brandt

Don Chilcote

Robert Gaier

David Hildebrandt

Steven Hines

Tom Holmes

Donald Hylton

Dan Ivancic

Dennis Jakse

Jeff Lobas

Dean Myers

Dave Rainey*

Frank Repasi

Don Robbins

John Rydquist

Gunter Schwegler

Greg Scruggs

Ed Solem

# Board Members         

* Section Leaders          

Why Sing With Us?

Here are some of the things our members had to say in a recent member survey:

  • "I enjoy the challenging repertoire we sing. I like the presentation and structure from our director during rehearsals."

  • "I enjoyed the opportunity to learn & sing unique music. Also, our conductor is an outstanding professional- his knowledge of teaching techniques is the best I’ve ever experienced."

  • "I love singing with such a large and talented group under such a wonderful choral conductor. He challenges us, but has a very relatable and kind demeanor while doing so."

  • "I enjoy being in a choir and having the chance to sing each week. This choir challenges me enough, allows me to have fun with good people, I'm proud of being part of this Chorale."


You may contact Stacy Newman

at 216-282-4022 or

for more information.

What You Need To Know

Western Reserve Chorale is an adult choir of mixed voices, approximately 100 voices strong. We sing a diverse repertoire, usually accompanied by piano or an instrumental ensemble.


New members are welcome to join at any time during the season, though the best times to join are at the beginning of the season in the fall or after our first or second concert of the season, when we begin working on new music for the next performance. Although auditions are not necessary, previous choral experience is beneficial. Come visit a rehearsal to see if the Western Reserve Chorale is a great fit for you.


Expectations for members include:

  • * Regularly attend rehearsals (Sign out on the calendar if you know you will be absent.)

  • * Attend all performances (Let your Section Leader know if you cannot be there for a concert. There are opportunities to sing the music again in December and June at Outreach Performances).

  • * Adhere to concert dress for performances (Either Tuxedos with Black Bowtie or Long Skirt or Slacks with Black Top (at least ¾ length sleeves). Black Shoes and either black or neutral socks/hosiery.

  • * Have a love for singing and a desire to challenge yourself vocally. (Practice at home so that rehearsals can be used for fine-tuning and details rather than learning notes.)

Membership Dues


As with any organization, there are costs involved. To provide musical scores, soloists and musicians, our accompanist, director and cover basic administrative costs we ask that all members pay dues of $135.00 per year.

Where else can you get good brain health, music, and wonderful people for just $3.50 per week?

As always, members can arrange a payment plan or a reduced rate based on need. Be sure to speak with Stacy to make the arrangements that fit your situation.

Annual dues are payable by check or through PayPal.

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