We Love our Sponsors!

The Western Reserve Chorale could not reach the level of success we do without the generous support of donors who support us directly with donations or through sponsoring ads in our concert programs.

Here are some examples of what your gift can accomplish: • $500 will cover half the cost of sheet music for one performance; • $250 will hire an orchestra player for a performance; • $100 helps fund the accompanist who assists in rehearsals and performances.

This season is presenting interesting challenges and needs. Your donation will help WRC invest in new technology and hire engineers to enable us to bring our music to the world.

Please click here to donate by credit card.


Checks may be mailed to

Western Reserve Chorale

2470 Miramar Blvd.

University Heights, OH 44118

WRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in Ohio. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Tremendous gratitude to Cuyahoga Arts and Culture for extending our project grant into the 2020-21 season.

WRC is looking forward to presenting In Her Voice: Celebrating the Poetry of Women.

WRC appreciates the work WCLV does to promote live classical music in Northeast Ohio.



gratefully recognizes these donors who have helped make the 2019-2020 season possible

Benefactors ($500+)

  • Cynthia Ahern

  • David Barnes

  • Arthur Brooks

  • Mr. & Mrs. Lee Chilcote

  • Jane Richmond

  • Else Schmeizer

  • Morgan & Sally Taft

  • Virginia Taft

Supporters ($50-99)

  • Ms. Bonnie Baker

  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Barkett

  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hotchkiss

  • Mark & Kathleen Binnig

  • Ellen & Dominique Durand

  • Mr. Thomas E. Evans

  • Bill & Rebecca Fuller

  • Elizabeth Gockel & Ed Rosenberg

  • Fern Grunberger

  • Dennis Jakse

  • Janice Katz

  • Leslie Leventhal

  • Katherine McCarty

  • Joan McVeen

  • Samantha Miller

  • Stacy Newman

  • Mr. & Mrs. William Nook

  • Lydia Oppman

  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Parke

  • Brent Robins

  • Alice Sherman

  • Doris Simpson

  • Karen Smith

  • Mrs. Lorraine Szabo

  • Diana Vargo

Patrons ($100-$499)

  • Chris & David Bell

  • Kim Bihler

  • Mr. & Mrs. John Blackwell

  • Janet Bowden & Bob Wehrle

  • Bonnie Cook

  • Lana Cowell

  • Eleanor Davidson

  • Barbara A. Domski

  • Suzanne Harrington & David Gilson

  • Rochelle & Harley Gross

  • Linda Haligowski

  • Leona Jackson

  • Rhona Jacobson

  • Alex & Nancy Jamieson

  • Emilie Kadish

  • Ursula Korneitchouk

  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Kunkel

  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Marston

  • Ginie Mast

  • Lynda Mayer

  • Dean & Maxine Myers

  • Robin Outcalt

  • Dr. Harlan & Elizabeth Peterjohn

  • Mr. & Mrs. David Rainey

  • Margaret Robinson

  • John Rydquist

  • Mr. & Mrs. William Schubert

  • Gunter Schwegler

  • Ruth Severiens

  • Ruth & Daniel Shoskes

  • James Simler

  • Carolyn Sugiuchi

  • Karen Swift

  • E.J. & Randi Thomas

  • Ban & Ruth Twaddell

  • Elizabeth Twaddell

  • Margo Vinney

  • Mark Wakefield

  • Mark Wallach

  • Elizabeth Wardrum

  • George Westerman

  • Sally Wilson

Friends ($1-49)

  • Sadie Bashay-Hatcher

  • Ms. Amy Bartter

  • Mr. Joseph Baumann

  • Marcia Brown

  • William Bruner

  • Roslyn Collins

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dorr Dearborn

  • Mary Echle

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gaier

  • Holly & Ronald Kautzman

  • Donald Lash

  • Cliff & Patricia Lewis

  • James A. Lis

  • Joan McHugh

  • Arlen Overholt

  • Louise Prochaska

  • Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Quereau

  • JoAnn Raney

  • Nancy H. Sherwin

  • Carol Steiner

  • Mr. & Mrs. David Swarts

  • Karen Tarase

  • Kelsey Tarase

  • Judy & Richard Taylor

  • Marianne Wilham

Would you like to know more about supporting a project or becoming a corporate sponsor?

Please call Stacy Newman at 216-282-4022

or send an email.

A sample from our Virtual Program Book

can be found here.

Would you like to sponsor a Video or Virtual Choir production? See a sample here.

WRC's Corporate Sponsors 2019-20

Act3 LLC

Aladdin’s Eatery

Amy Roth & Co.

Appletree Books


Back in Motion

Michael Brennan & Gina Ventre

Carnegie Investment Counsel

Chilcote Law Firm

Church of the Western Reserve

Cleveland Rocks and Beads

Dave Bell Law

Dewey’s Pizza

Dobama Theatre


Endeavor Wealth Advisors

Fairmount Cleaners

Fig Leaves

First Catholic Ladies Slovak Assoc.


Greater Cleveland Community Shares

Happy Buddha Cafe

Heights Community Congress

Heights Hardware

J. Pistone Market

Jeffrey A. Chaitoff, MD

Howard Hanna Realtor

Keller Art Glass

Knuth Shoes

Leona Jackson, CPA

Locksmith Hair Studio

Los Arcos

Luna Bakery/Café

Margaret Wong & Associates

Montlack Realty

Mug & Brush Barber Shop

Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Pacific East Japanese Restaurant

Pacific Grill

Partners to Empowerment

Paws CLE

Peace Lutheran Church

Peter’s Wildlife Safaris

Pizzazz on the Circle

Quality Cleaning

Salon Rosalina

Schwegler Clock Repair

Shaker Quality Auto Body

Andrew Shupp, Realtor

Simply Gourmand

Stone Oven Bakery & Café

Susan Yarns

Sweet Energies

Thrive Arts

Tommy’s Restaurant

University Ophthalmology

Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Western Reserve Wines

Sally Wilson, Ph.D

Working with Nature Inc.

Zagara’s Grocery Store

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